Go Nagambie | About Us
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About Us

Go Nagambie. What we do.

To be the voice of the Nagambie business community, working to protect, support and encourage business growth and opportunities in the Nagambie region, particularly through promoting Nagambie as a tourism destination.

Our future aim

To be the membership body of choice for business in the Nagambie Lakes region, offering exceptional value to members and being recognised as a leading organisation representing and supporting business, particularly the tourism industry.

Our Values

Nagambie First – unashamedly ‘pro-Nagambie’ and passionate about making a difference to businesses within the region.

Responsive – we value and serve our members by responding quickly and professionally to their needs.

Leadership – we are visionary and future-oriented in our thinking, decision-making and planning.

Integrity – we behave ethically and honour our commitments.

Our value proposition

Good for business. Our members are better informed and have access to the best networking and promotional opportunities in the   Nagambie Lakes region to showcase and grow their businesses.


President: Tim Goodacre

Vice President: Brandon Menzies

Secretary/Treasurer: John Beresford

Committee members: Bruce Minchinton, Belinda Beer, Jeff Moran, Bob Norris

Executive Officer: Sissy Hoskin